Fix: Call of Duty Warzone Error Code 6 and Diver

Warzone is clearly a popular game; however, developers still regularly face criticism due to hackers, game bugs and glitches, server issues, etc.

The problem is the number of bugs and glitches that don’t get fixed unless they become a big enough problem makes the whole game unplayable. Also, it’s almost comical for users to see how many bugs and glitches they have experience. But, it’s Warzone, guys; I mean, what should we expect from this game? That’s why we are facing a new error called dev error code 6 and Diver.

Anyway, this is just a joke; at the same time, valid too. But, I’m not here to criticize the developers as they try their best to resolve everything. Meanwhile, if you are gossiping around the internet to get a solution to fix this new bug member of Call of Duty Warzone dev error code 6 and Diver. Then, somehow you manage to land on the right page as today here we will explain how to fix this dev error code 6 and Diver. So, let’s get started.

Fix: Call of Duty Warzone Error Code 6 and Diver

How to Fix COD Warzone Error Code 6 and Diver

This error code can arrive for various reasons, but the one reason that I find genuine is that some of your game’s files are getting corrupted while updating the game. Another reason that is possible is that while downloading the patch update your due to your internet connection or some technical glitch, your system cannot download the whole game file, and it is partially downloaded.

So, these are the reasons that I think be the culprit for this error. Now, this needs to be fixed, right? Then, let’s move further and see the best options available to fix this error.

Fix 1: Reboot and Restart Your Game

First of all, you can try this as most of the time, just by rebooting the temporary bugs and glitches were fixed. Also, many players reported in Reddit Forum that after rebooting their PC or consoles, the error code 6 and Diver get fixed automatically.

So, if you have a PC, then restart it. While, if you are playing this on console, then instead of simply rebooting it. You can do a power cycle and then try to play the game in order to check if the error code appear anymore or not.

Fix 2: Delete the .idx Files and Data.idx Files (PC Only)

This is the quickest solution that you can perform. This will remove the corrupted files from your game installation folder and replace them with valid ones. So, follow the steps given below in case you don’t know how to do this:

  1. First of all, hover towards the installation folder of
  2. Then, click on the System folders followed by Data.
  3. After that, again select the Data option and locate the two files mentioned above.
  4. Once you get the .idx and data.idx file simply deletes them permanently.
  5. Now, you just need to Run the Scan and Repair tool.

That’s it. Now, it will automatically detect the missing file and download it from the web. Once you notice that the repair process is completed, rerun the Call of Duty Warzone and check if the error code appears anymore or not.

Fix 3: Run as Administrator (PC Only)

If you are a PC user and still stuck on the same error code 6 and Diver even after performing fix 2. Then, it might be possible that your game lost its privileges to use your system resources as needed after the update. So, in that case, running the game with admin privileges will help you to fix the related issue. Here are the steps if you don’t know:

  1. First of all, hover to the desktop and select the application. Then, click on the properties.
  2. After that, you have to shift to the Compatibility tab. 
  3. Now, checkmark the box next to the Run this program as administrator inside the Settings section.
  4. Then, hit the Apply button and click on Ok. 

That’s it. Now, whenever you open the Call of Duty Warzone, it will open with admin rights. So, you can now see that the game runs smoothly without any error on your PC.

Fix 3: Check For Update

In most cases, it is found that the root cause of the error is its older version. So, no matter you are playing on a PC or console, you must have to check if there is the latest patch update available for your beloved game. 

In case there is an update available. Then, you have to download and install it before trying to rerun the game. Once done, run the game and check if the issue gets resolved. 

Fix 4: Cross-Check if Your Internet is Working Correctly

If you still get the error, we recommend you double-check if your WiFi network provides proper speed. You can simply hover to the Speedtest website and check your internet speed. In case you found that your WiFi is not working properly, contact your ISP and schedule a repair option.

Fix 5: Add The Game to Exception List on Your Firewall (PC Only)

Sometimes, what we think might not necessarily be true. Yes, in a few cases, it is noticed that it’s not their game or software that creates the issue; it’s the Windows Firewall that blocks your game. Here are the steps to add the Call of Duty Warzone to the exception list in order to fix the dev error code 6 and Diver:

  1. Firstly, follow the path: Update & Security< Windows Security< Firewall & Network Protection.
  2. Now, you can simply select the Allow an App Through Firewall option.
  3. Then, select the Change Settings option.
  4. After that, in the next window, locate your game and checkmark both boxes situated next to the private and public.
  5. That’s it. Now, click on the Save to apply these settings.

Bonus Fixes:

  • There’s a user on Reddit, claims that after he uses a VPN network, this error gets vanished. So, you may also try this. 
  • Also, he explains and suggested to do not to skip the cut scenes as this may cause the game to crash or get an annoying error code.
  • Meanwhile, if nothing helps, we recommend you reinstall your game (both PC and Console).
  • This is mainly for console players. You can try to rebuild your database as this is the last option left.

So, that’s how you can fix the Call of Duty Warzone dev error code 6 and Diver. We hope the fixes mentioned above help you. If not, let us know, shoot a comment in the box below. Also, if you are regularly get bothered due to various errors in Call of Duty, do check out our complete guide in which we explain how to fix each and every COD dev error code

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