How To fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 11

Microsoft is just about to release the final stable version of Windows 11. Still, there’s a doubt about whether users can get a smooth and bug-free environment. This is because now it is almost regular that users have to face various issues in their upgraded Windows 11 PC. One of the most concerning errors is the blue screen error.

Although Microsoft already considers this as a severe issue and assured users that they would soon fix it. But, until they fix it, what we can do to use our PC. Well, don’t worry! We have some solutions that will surely sort this issue. So, without killing time here, let’s get started with the guide and check if this helps you fix the blue screen error in Windows 11 PC.

How To fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 11

How To fix Blue Screen Error on Windows 11

This blue screen error commonly called a “blue screen of death” in Windows 11, is technically known as a fatal system error or stop error. However, it is often noticed that Windows have any type of glitches or bugs. But, sometimes, it may happen as their engineers are also humans. Apparently, if recently you are getting bothered with the blue screen error on your newly updated Windows 11 PC, then follow the below-mentioned steps in order to fix it permanently.

Necessary Steps: 

  • When this error appears, your windows screen turns blue, and your system is starting to reboot. But, before reboot, it will show you some error code mentioned on the blue screen. So, the prior step is to note down that error code.
  • Once you’ve got the error code, go to Microsoft’s official website and follow the instruction, particularly for the error code that you are getting.
  • If, even after doing so, the error wouldn’t get fixed, then we recommend you to review your computer’s recent changes. To do so, follow the path: Settings < Update & Security < Windows Update< View update history. Then, if you find that the error is occurring due to recent updates, hit the Uninstall Updates button.
  • Also, you can check if there is an update available for your GPU and system. Most of the time, an outdated driver causes this type of issue.
  • If you have any third-party Antivirus applications, then run a full system scan in order to find out whether there’s any malware that prevents your PC from running properly.
  • If you have a PC, then check if your hardware is damaged as it may also cause severe issues to your PC.
  • Try to run an SFC scan on your Windows 11 PC. However, to do so, you need to open your Windows Powershell or Command prompt then use the command:
sfc /scannow

Some Additional Fixes:

  • If nothing helps, we recommend you boot your Windows 11 PC into safe mode. And test if the issue is occurring in safe mode also. If not, then most probably there is some file missing from your Windows Installation folder. So, in that case, you require to reinstall your Windows 11.
  • So, the last and that for sure fix the blue screen error on your Windows 11 PC is to reinstall it. Yes, but before doing so, make sure to create a restore point of your data. Then, initiate the installing process.

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So, this is how you can fix the blue screen dead issue in your Windows 11 PC. We hope you find this amazing guide helpful. Meanwhile, if the blue screen error still doesn’t fix and you want us to help you further. Then, submit a comment on the comment box below.

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