How to Block or Skip Hulu Ads in 2021

No one likes interruptions when you are watching your favorite videos on the internet. You will not find a single online streaming channel that gives you add free videos for free. This is what will tempt you to buy their premium versions of the channels. Nothing comes for free in today’s world of 2021. 

No doubt Hulu gas has become the favorite online streaming platform that brings in amazing unique videos and classic movies. But the advertisement between the videos will annoy you and not allow you to enjoy the videos. This can even sometimes spoil your mood and break the momentum of enjoying the series. 

But you don’t need to worry. We have brought some of the best methods to block or skip the ads on Hulu applications, and you can then enjoy the videos without any disturbance or interruption.

How to Block or Skip Hulu Ads in 2021 

What Are The Different Methods To Block or Skip Hulu Ads in 2021

There are various methods available to do so, but here we have discussed about some of the best methods that will surely help you to block or skip the Hulu ads. So, let’s take a look at them:

1) Ad Blocker

Adblocker is the simplest way to use and block advertisements. Of course, this will only work if you are using Hulu in the browser. If you are using the application, then the ad blocker is of no use. The application has a different setup which will not allow the ad blocker to work. Hence make sure you are trying to watch the video through the browser only. 

Suppose you use the Google Chrome browser, find out the adblocker from the setting options. Don’t worry, this is free to use and will block the advertisement so you can enjoy the videos. For better results, you can try the adblocker plus, which is even easier to operate. 

The adblocker can be used in any browser like Firefox, Opera, Safari. Each time you want to watch the video on Hulu, you need to repeat this process to enjoy the video without any advertisements.  

2) Use Web Filtering

You might have heard about this terminology a lot of time. But do you know how it works? It’s the domain that brings you the ad while you are watching the video on Hulu. The web filtering restricts the domain from playing the ads, and you can then enjoy the video without any interruptions. 

Follow below easy steps below to see the result. 

  • Make sure your laptop/desktop is connected to the internet and open the browser. 
  • You must have the default IP address for your router. Enter the same in the Brower and move forward. 
  • Go to the Web filtering option, which will allow you to remove the ads. 
  • Once you move to the web filtering option, enter the domain and select apply. 
  • Once the process is done, you need to reboot the router. 

Once you get through the entire process, you can enjoy your videos without any hustle. In addition, no advertisements will appear now, which will give you the best experience to enjoy the Hulu videos. 

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3) Open Hulu Videos in Two Tabs 

You may find this unique and most challenging way to watch the videos without any ad. But it is not as hard as you think. To get the best Ad-free experience, open the Hulu in browser and start watching the program you wish to watch, and follow the below steps. 

  • Open the same program in another tab and start watching it. 
  • Before the commercial appears, make sure you fast-forward the content in the 2nd tab. 
  • Once you complete this process, switch to the original tab and start watching the program. 
  • When the ad is about to appear, immediately click the 2nd tab and start watching the program. 

You can get rid of the various ads, and you can enjoy the video without any interruptions. Repeat this process and enjoy your video. 

But this is way too confusing. Isn’t it? Switching tabs in between the video is never appreciated, and this way, you might never enjoy the video. It’s complicated and needs some hard work initially, but it will indeed work out. 

We have few more options that will allow you to view the videos without any ads. So stay with us and read the guide further to know more ways. 

4) Purchase the Premium 

All the above methods do require a lot of time, and you need to have some trials and errors for that method. But not here. Purchase the premium. No better solution to enjoy your videos without any interruptions than purchasing a premium account. 

There are various packages available such as weekly, monthly, and yearly. This will give you the perfect experience of watching the Hulu videos without any advertisements. You, of course, have to pay the nominal amount, which will allow you to enjoy various programs and shows on Hulu.

Please have a look at the packages and select the best out of them. The premium version’s best thing is that you can even share the screen with your friends and family members. So now enjoy your videos Ad-free because I think now you can Block or Skip Hulu ads. We will catch you in the next one. 


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