How to Block Robotexts And Spam Messages on Andriod

Do you want to block Robotexts and spam messages on Android devices? Then, you are in the right place. Well, unwanted junk texts can be very irritating. They not only clutter your inbox but also may carry a malware link with them. You can largely ignore them; it’s better not to put up with them. Furthermore, innocent texts can soon lead to dangerous scams. 

Though we are getting better at identifying spam from other messages, the cybercrime rate is still hovering at a high level. So, for people who want to block Robotexts and spam messages, continue reading.

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 Block Robotexts And Spam Messages on Andriod

What are Robotexts and Spam Messages?

Robotexts are automated texts sent to a person. They are a type of spam text and can be on any topic such as political, event, business, etc. Robotexts are sent to identify potential scam targets to get them to click on the malware link provided in the text. 

Whereas spam is sent to a bulk audience over the internet for commercial purposes and digital marketing. The most common way of spam is junk mail sent from an anonymous account.

How to Block Robotexts and Spam Messages on Andriod?

Instead of ignoring it, you must block Robotexts and spam messages on your android smartphones. However, blocking these unwanted messages isn’t so difficult, you can even use third-party tools to stop acquiring junk in your mail. Well, check out the other methods that we have described to block the Robotexts and spam messages:

Method 1: Block Phone Number

Block the phone number from which you are receiving spam to put an end to it. However, if you are the target, you should expect to receive spam from another phone number. To Block the phone number on Andriod, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the spam text.
  2. Click on the three-dot icon in the upper right.
  3. A small tab will be opened with an option to choose whether to block the phone number or not.
  4. Select the Block Number option or report text as spam to block the phone number.Block Phone Number

Method 2: Spam Protection

Enable spam protection to filter out normal texts from spam. Once the spam protection option is turned on, your device will be on alert and be able to differentiate between texts. If the incoming message is suspected to be a spam message, your device will stop it right there and not let it reach you. 

To enable spam protection, go in settings, and search ‘spam protection.’ Click on the option ‘turn on spam protection‘ to filter messages before they reach you.

Spam Protection

Method 3: Third-Party Tools

A better way to block spam messages is to set up a third-party tool that will work to stop spam messages. The tool will analyze each message, phone number, message content, attachments, and other elements to determine if the text is legitimate or not. 

If the message is not legitimate, the tool will alert you that the message is spam and be cautious. Some of them are Robokiller, Teamkiller, SMS Spam Stopper, etc.

These are some methods that can be used to block Robotexts and spam messages on Android devices. We hope that you find this guide helpful. However, in case you have any doubts, comment below and let us know. Also, make sure to read, How to Fix Android.Process.Media Keeps Stopping.


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