7+ Best Scanner App For Android to Use In 2022

There are no longer times when you have to take documents outside to be scanned. Yes, nowadays, smartphones are just as capable of scanning documents as a dedicated scanner. So if you have a good smartphone with a pretty excellent camera, you just need some good scanning apps to use your camera as a scanner.

Your documents can be easily scanned from a smartphone’s camera, which is convenient, fast, and cost-effective. There are many Android scanner apps out there, but picking the best one for your device might not be as easy as it sounds. Yeah! Before relying on any third-party applications, we need to consider many things.

Regardless of what device you have, we have gathered some of the best mobile scanner apps for Android that are free to download. Keep reading this article to find out which ones we have selected.

Best Scanner App For Android

Best Scanner App For Android to Use

So, here are our recommended scanner apps that you can use on your android smartphones. Therefore, make sure to choose the best that suits your needs.

#1. Adobe Scan

Mobile scanning is made easy with a free mobile scanning tool. With Adobe Scan, everything is scanned and then cleaned automatically for picture-perfect images: receipts, forms, pictures, business cards, notes.

It then transforms these documents into smart PDFs that are available in Adobe Document Cloud using built-in optical character recognition (OCR). These documents can then be searched and shared from anywhere.

Adding keywords, making comments, signing, or sending for review is possible. You can even edit, send for signature, or export them into Microsoft Office using Adobe Scan, which works in perfect harmony with Adobe Acrobat.


  1. Use this mobile PDF scanner to scan anything with precision.
  2. Use camera roll images or scans.
  3. Reuse the text from scanned PDFs thanks to OCR.
  4. Easily share scanned PDFs and access them from anywhere.
  5.  Save PDF files in Word or PowerPoint for easy sharing. 


#2. Swift Scan

Document and QR code scanning is made easy with SwiftScan. Scan to PDF or JPG for free and create high-quality PDFs. In addition, you can easily send files via fax or email. So, you can also streamline your management by using cloud services, such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and others.

With the PDF scanner app, you can quickly and easily scan PDF files, with the camera handling all the difficult tasks. SwiftScan makes thousands of decisions when scanning a document, including cropping it, straightening it, and applying the filter you choose.

  1. Scanned with a 200 dpi resolution or higher
  2. Using SwiftScan, you can fax your documents!
  3. Detect edges automatically and scan them quickly
  4. Multipage and single-page scanning
  5. Email and print workflows in one tap


#3. TapScanner

One of my favorite scanner apps for android, it can scan, print, and share any document to PDF easily. With this mobile scanner, you can simply scan, import, and share your photos.

In addition, it’s easy to access everything you’ve scanned previously with TapScanner. TapScanner’s tiny portable scanner is trusted by over 80 million users around the world. So, you should also try it for free today and start scanning!


  1. Mobile devices can be used to scan and convert documents to PDF.
  2. Easily send PDF files by compressing them.
  3. You can save space by making your PDF smaller.
  4. You can also remove watermarks from scans.
  5. OCR can convert image data into text.
  6. Your documents can be exported as accurate text.


#4. Clear Scan

The Clear Scanner is essential for everyone, whether you are students, business people, or anyone else. With this app, photographs and documents can be scanned in high quality, allowing the reader to easily read the texts they contain.

It also allows you to crop the part of the document you wish to scan and automatically detect the corner of the file you want to scan for better quality. I think this feature is really cool and gives the user freedom to choose how to go about scanning the document.

Other than this, the app comes preloaded with many autocorrection features, including brightness adjustment, shadow removal, and image straightening, for a better and better result.


  1. Small app size.
  2. In-app naming and storage.
  3. Email whole documents or specific pages.
  4. Cloud print for PDF files.
  5. Perspective correction for edged documents.
  6. Ultra-fast processing.


#5. TurboScanner

You can easily scan documents, receipts, notes, whiteboards, photos, and other everyday pieces of paper with TurboScan. The TurboScan scanner quickly scans documents and saves them as multipage PDFs or JPEGs or allows you to send them.

Fast algorithms are used to detect document edges, set a perfect contrast, eliminate shadows, and straighten the documents.

Moreover, it offers a powerful interface that’s easy to use. With just one tap, you can adjust brightness, rotation, and color all at once!


  1. High-speed processing.
  2. Identifying documents, storing them inside the app, and searching them.
  3. Printing with Cloud Print or another printing app.
  4. A compact attachment that can be resized.
  5. Save the document to your camera roll or email it in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format.


#6. CamScanner

CamScanner is a convenient way to scan documents using your smartphone. Easy-to-use, efficient, intuitive, provides excellent image correction options and can be sent as an electronic document (.pdf).

With the pro edition, the watermark on the bottom of the page can be removed. Great for transferring documents when you don’t have access to a scanner. Your device will become a powerful portable scanner with OCR capability (automatic text recognition).

In addition to that, it enhances your productivity at work and in everyday life. So, you must try the CamScanner if you want some premium specifications and are able to spend money on that. Also, it is one of the best scanner apps available for Android devices.


  1. Documents can be quickly digitized.
  2. High-quality scanning can be achieved.
  3. Scan images to extract text.
  4. Advanced editing capabilities.
  5. Keep sensitive documents secure.


#7. Document Scanner

Document Scanner is made in India and offers more advanced scanning options compared to any other scanner app. With Document Scanner, you can edit and manage your documents using more than 50 tools. 

In some cases, you need the same documents scanned more than once a day, and a problem would arise, however, if you had to scan each document one by one. But, with the scanner, you’ll not have to suffer more. As for all your scanning-related issues, it has the only solution, i.e., Document Scanner. 

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  1. You can scan your document. 
  2. The scan quality can be enhanced automatically or manually. 
  3. This includes smart cropping.
  4. Use modes such as B/W, brighten, color, and darken to optimize your PDF.
  5. Make scanned images look clear and sharp.
  6. Place documents in an organized folder structure.
  7. Scan documents directly to print or fax.


So, these were our recommended best mobile scanner apps for Android that are free to download. We hope that you have an idea of which one you require according to your needs. However, in case we have forgotten to mention any other famous and valuable scanner, comment below the name. We will try to add that further in our article. 


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