How to Automatically Delete Old Text Messages (SMS) on iPhone, Android

Old text messages mesh up with the new ones and make important content obscure to the users. Old text messages also issue storage problems in low space devices. Sorting old messages and delete those are time-consuming and also monotonous. Inducing an automatic deletion process enhances the transparency of incoming messages and boosts the performance by managing storage space. The auto-deletion process varies slightly based on iOS and Android devices but is not a complicated process.

Apple developers keep a built-in option to automatically delete old text messages (SMS) on iPhones. However, android platforms do not offer any built-in process to do so; users need to download an external application for setting auto delete instructions.

Though several developers offer applications for doing the same, in this article, Google’s Hangout Application is focused, and the process of auto-delete in the same is described. These external applications are not comprised of custom options of filtering messages but till a better choice than having no auto-delete option.

How to Automatically Delete Old Text Messages (SMS) on iPhone, Android

How to Automatically Delete Old Text Messages (SMS) on iPhone, Android

Both platforms offer auto-deletion of SMS, while the process of the same may differ to some extent. However, the process is easy for both operating systems. But, more customized options are available on the iOS platform. 

Process of Auto-Delete in Android Device

Here are the steps that you require to follow in order to auto-delete your SMS in Android smartphones:

  • Firstly, install Google Hangouts from the Google play store.
  • Open the application and tap on the hamburger menu (three parallel lines) available on the top-left corner. Tap on Settings available on the slide-out pane.
  • In the next step, tap the ‘SMS’ option in general settings.
  • Press on the ‘SMS disabled’ option to make Hangouts the default SMS application.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear on the screen seeking permission to allow Hangouts as the default SMS application. Tap on ‘yes’ to grant permission.
  • Toggle the switch of ‘Delete old messages.’ Older messages will be deleted automatically when low storage space appears on the device.

There is no customized option available to mention how long users want to save SMS before deleting them from the device. 

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Process of Auto-Delete in iOS Device

On an iOS device, you’ll get an in-built auto-deletion feature. But, I think users aren’t familiar with this feature. But, if you are willing to use this feature, simply read and apply these steps:

  • In iPhone, open settings and tap on ‘Messages.’
  • In the next step, press on ‘Keep Messages’ under the Message History section.
  • Users get the option to choose between 30 days and 1-year intervals.
  • Messages older than that of the set interval get deleted instantly, followed by a permission pop-up. Users can delete older messages right away before the set interval by choosing the ‘Delete’ option.
  • On the last page, by choosing the ‘Forever’ option, the user can opt for preventing the auto-deletion of messages. In this process, older messages will be restored in the devices right away, and hundreds of messages will clog up in a while.

So, that’s it for this guide. We hope you find this guide helpful. Furthermore, if you have any doubts or suggestions for us, comment below. 


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