Top 5 Best Alternatives of Kinemaster Video Editing Tool for Android

In this guide, we have explained the some best alternatives of Kinemaster for Android. As we know, currently, social media platforms are in boom and overgrowing every year. So, in this era of social media, either YouTube or Insta reels creators need a video editing tool to polish their video or content. But, sadly, not everyone manages to get a paid video editing tools for sure, right? That’s why, after researching on Google, I’ve found some best alternatives for Kinemaster. So, let’s not move things around and directly head towards the main highlights and see the options available other than Kinemaster.

Top 5 Best Alternative of Kinemaster Video Editing Tool for Android


Top 5 Best Alternatives of Kinemaster Video Editing Tool for Android

Well, the list mentioned below doesn’t decide the ability of these tools’ because every tool has its own unique feature, it is just for study purposes. So, let’s take a look at them.

#1. VN Video Editor

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use and free video editing tool that doesn’t steal your relics, then without further ado, go and download this application from Playstore. Yeah! If you are using Kinemaster for a while now, it might take some time to adapt its features and UI. However, I have personally used this application, and trust me.

I didn’t see any bugs or glitches. It has everything that you require or expects from an editor, including chromakey, and that’s without a watermark. Isn’t it incredible? So, go and try this out and let me know if you like this application or not?

#2. Quick: Video Editor & Maker

Now, in the list, our text editing tool that you can use in Android is Quick. This is one of the easiest video editing tools that are available in the Playstore. It has all the functionality that a video editor must have, from high-quality audio and video features to loads of editing options. It has everything.

Meanwhile, if you have a GoPro, then you should go with this app, as it is the best application for GoPro users because it is the application from GoPro itself for their users. So, in my opinion, you should definitely try this out.

#3. Viva Cut Pro

This is our third recommendation of video editing tools. Well, if I have rated this application, then I will give it 5 out of 5. And why not? This is one of the best mobile video editing applications ever created. There is no doubt that it is far better than the $5k software that I’ve used to edit my videos on the desktop in 2016.

It has loads of functionality that you may think is included, super easy to use, and intuitive. Those who are looking for a 3D zoom trend, as we have seen in Insta reels videos, then most probably they are going to add this feature soon, let’s say in the next update.

#4. Beirut

If you are someone, who loves to create reels by adding different audios to your amazing videos, Beirut is for sure what you need. Beirut is what we say a perfectly designed, especially for video editing for beginners. If you don’t know how to edit a video, don’t worry! This app will help you edit your videos right at your doorsteps.

Beirut is a unique video editing tool that offers many useful editing features, including cropping, cutting, rotating, filters, and transitions, and many more. If you ask me, I will say that it’s a great video editing application for short video editing in Android.

#5. Power Director

Power Director video editing tool offers you a robust set of features, from voiceovers to speed controls. Using this application, you can easily crop, flip, join, or layer your video and photos. Most interestingly, you can even allow syncing multiple camera shots or clips with audio. I assured you that never in your life you even imagine this type of editing software.

However, the limit is only your imagination, as this tool offers you everything that you require to make a perfect clip. Overall, it’s a solid application, unless if you get stuck in its UI as it is a bit complicated to use.

Note: This list is based on my personal experience. It might be possible that it will not be suitable for your needs. 

Anyway, guys, these are some alternatives of Kinemaster if you get bored while using Kinemaster for a while now. You can download any of the applications mentioned above directly from your Android Playstore. So, for whom are you waiting now? Go and try out these editing tools and check which one suits your using criteria more.


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