How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram is a popular social media network with about 1.2 billion users worldwide. However, talking about the Instagram stories, then this feature is used by about 500 million users daily. So, from its user base, it is clear that Stories are among Instagram’s most popular features. Well, this feature is also good for businesses support. Also, this feature drives awareness and engagement with their audiences.

But, as we know, Instagram officials limit users’ ability to use some of its features, such as you cannot put links to Instagram posts or stories directly. In addition, if you want to add a link to your stories, you need to have a specific number of followers. So, is there any way using which you can add links to your Instagram stories? Well, let’s find out. 

How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

Who Can Add Links to Instagram Stories?

The swipe-up link feature has been available on Instagram for a long time as a means to add links to Instagram Stories. If you have it, it allows your viewers to access the link you’ve posted without having to leave the Instagram app by swiping up on your story or tapping an arrow at the bottom of their screen. However, there is a catch to use this feature: Your profile must be a company or creative account with over 10,000 followers, or you must be verified to include a link to your article.

According to The Verge, Instagram is developing a link sticker that functions similarly to a swipe-up link, but instead of swiping, you can tap. In addition, people will be able to comment on stories with a link sticker, which they will not be able to do with swipe-up links.

The link sticker test is now limited, but if it proves effective, the intention appears to be to expand it to additional users. However, according to reports, there is “no plan” to introduce the link sticker to the Instagram feed or any other section of the app.

How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

By using a swipe uplink or link sticker, you can add links to your Instagram stories. But you need to remember that these stories only stay up to 24 hours; after that, they will disappear.

# Swipe uplink

Again, your profile must be a company or creator account with more than 10 000 people, or you must be verified for you to use the swipe-up function.

  • Open Instagram.
  • At the top of your screen, tap the Stories camera.
  • In the app, take a snapshot or video or choose a camera roll.
  • At the central top of the screen, tap the link icon.
  • Add your connection (either a URL or IGTV).
  • Tap Done if you’re on iOS. Tap on the check if you use an Android.

Each story can only have one swipe-up link. A tiny arrow and text prompt will appear at the bottom of your story for those who access it through a link. To open the link, they must swipe upwards. Within the Instagram app, you can track data like click engagements after you’ve posted a link.

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# Line sticker

Instagram is experimenting with a new clickable link sticker that could eventually replace the swipe-up link feature, which is presently only available to high-profile users. The new link sticker stands out more and maybe placed anywhere in a store. Although marketers and producers can always use a shortener to build vanity links, it also shows readers a portion of the destination URL.

  • Take a look at Instagram.
  • On the top of your screen, tap the Stories camera.
  • Choose from your camera roll or take a snapshot or video in the app.
  • To access the Instagram Stories sticker tray, go to the Instagram Stories sticker tray icon.
  • Scroll down until the link sticker appears. Choose it.
  • You’ll be sent to a page where you may type or paste a URL (or IGTV).
  • By dragging or pinching the sticker, you can resize it or reposition it.
  • Before publishing, you can choose from three different colors by tapping the symbol.
  • Tap Done if you’re using an iOS device.
  • Tap the check if you’re using an Android device.

So, that’s how you can add links to your Instagram stories in two different ways. We hope you like it. Furthermore, if you have any issues while adding links, let us know in the comment section. Our team will surely help you. 

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