About Us

Clancarousel.com is managed and owned by Anubhav Roy which is a self-governing online publication that primarily covers troubleshooting guides, gaming guides, gadget reviews, and other helpful tech-related guides. We view the new innovations as the solid wall for your tech life, and that’s why Clancarousel has emerged into much more than what its name stands for.

We aim to give important news, tips, and various other recommendation for tech users, but we don’t stop here. Our team has always tried to decode technology in the best way.

We have a great enthusiasts team you can rely on, as they are well skilled and experienced in their own sphere of life.

Editorial Guidelines

The quality content is what matters the most for us. Our purpose is to overwhelm our users by making complex topics into easy-to-follow solutions. The below-mentioned rules are the core pillars of Clancarousel:

  • The Virtuosity of content creators
  • Easy to under content
  • Present our material in proper formatting with zero grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Provide high-quality photos and screenshots in our articles.
  • Sometimes we may provide you HD video to make you understand in a better way (in some cases)
  • You can rely on the guides that we explain on our website as they have proven accuracy, and before publishing, we personally tested their effectiveness.

We try to recommend products that we try personally for review purposes. But, when this is not feasible, we thoroughly investigate all their specifications.

Also, we take care of our viewers and take their complaints very solemnly. So make sure always to drop a comment if you feel that something is missing in our content.

Some Often Asked Questions About ClanCarousel

Is ClanCarousel Legit & Safe?

Of course. We have a well-experienced team. They cross-check our links twice and make sure everything we recommend withstands all security checks. We have alliances with third-party service provides (Google Ad Sense. But, this doesn’t mean a sign of malware. It’s simply a program that is showing ads of your choice or interest.

ClanCarousel cost?

You don’t need to pay for any of the material presents on this Site as the content present on our website is totally free and will likely remain so. But, as outlined, we make money from Google Ad Sense. So, you are not able to free to read our content without ads.

Can I trust ClanCarousel?

We have dozens of vetted technical experts regularly working on our content. We are continuously tugging on advancing the efficiency and usefulness of our guides.