10 Devices & Peripherals You Need to Set Up a Home Office

    COVID-19 lockdown has started the new culture of working from home. Nowadays, many companies are making their employees work from home (WFM). It is not about just sitting on the couch or chair and opening your laptop. However, according to experts in The Droidician, there is about 10 types of peripherals that we need in our home office. 

    But, it’s important to shape up a space that separates your professional and personal life. It is essential to ensure your workplace is well-equipped with the right accessories to make your day more productive. Here are some of the key peripherals and devices you need to turn your personal space into a workstation.

    10 Devices & Peripherals You Need to Set Up a Home Office

    #1. Laptop

    A premium quality computer or laptop is an all-in-one solution to set up a home office. The type of system varies based on the specific professional requirement. 

    The MacBook M1 series is recommended for high-intensity tasks. It can easily handle more demanding applications. Its key features include good battery life, enough processors, good RAM, a fanless design, and amazing device compatibility. 

    #2. External Storage

    Running out of storage is the most common problem faced by desktop computer or laptop users. While working on professional tasks, the storage space might get full, and your system will perform slower than usual. 

    If you are using a Mac, follow the tips mentioned here to free up storage and speed up your device. Alternatively, you can buy an affordable, durable, and speedy SanDisk Extreme Pro 128-GB Flash Drive or a similar external storage accessory.  

    #3. Scanner/Printer

    Investing in a printer and scanner is good if you often require printing or scanning. A highly reasonable HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 and ScanPro app are recommended as the best devices. 

    HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 produces colored printouts, sends faxes, and scans documents. However, the ScanPro app just scans documents as JPEGs or PDFs and uploads them to the cloud service.   

    #4. Operating System


    If you want to use Windows 11 desktop, enable the remote desktop version in your Windows. It will help in accessing the system using a remote access tool. 

    Apply Network Level Authentication on your home network to add a secure login layer. To turn on the Remote Desktop edition, tap the Start option and select Settings. Now, select system and then Remote Desktop. After toggling on the switch, choose Yes and click Confirm.

    #5. Wireless or Bluetooth Mouse

    Laptops feature a built-in trackpad, but purchasing and using an external Bluetooth or wireless mouse help during long work sessions. These small mice are extremely comfortable to use as it moves smoothly, and the buttons are also easy to press. 

    Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3 Bluetooth mouse can be paired with several devices. Just with a single press of the button, you can switch between the paired devices.    

    #6. WiFi Network

    Working from home is almost impossible without a high-speed WiFi connection. A broadband connection is required to work efficiently online. Bring a high-quality router that connects to the cable modem from your ISP to create a strong wireless network. 

    By selecting the right smaller networks, you can activate the highest level of security and avoid virus attacks and intrusion.

    #7. Webcam


    For having effortless and uninterrupted communication during video conferences, meetings, or calls, a fine webcam is necessary. Since the home environment lacks optimal light and soundproof boardrooms, it is wise to invest in a professional webcam. 

    Logitech C920 Pro with a 1080p webcam and a solid stand for tripods, monitors, and laptops has excellent sound and image quality, for example.

    #8. Ergonomics Chair

    A comfortable chair is what completes the workstation, even at home. It can cause back pain if you don’t follow a proper sitting position, which is influenced by the chair’s quality. 

    Thus, get a comfortable ergonomics chair. It offers the best in terms of adjustability, quality, and of course, comfort for long periods.

    #9. Bluetooth Keyboard

    bluetooth keyboard

    Alongside a BlueTooth mouse, a BlueTooth keyboard is also recommended. For full comfort, while spending long working hours, it is significant to invest in a premium device. 

    For instance, an ergonomic keyboard with backlit keys can be paired with several devices. The best feature is that these keyboards can be charged using a USB-C cable.

    #10. Headphones and Headsets

    A good pair of noise-canceling headphones or headsets are important to avoid unwanted noise disruptions. It helps in effortlessly emphasizing remote meetings. 

    Such types of headphones use outward-facing microphones to measure audio and create waves to cancel them. Jabra Evolve2 75 has comfortably padded ear cups and doubles as a pair of noise-canceling headphones.  

    The Conclusion

    Over the last decade, the concept of the office has transformed with the use of technology. So, if you’re working from home, you can make your residential space a new office using these must-have peripherals. 


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